In order for the Gift to be productive and long use in a world full of Technology Companies have introduced gifting high tech gadgets which are of multipurpose usage either at home or in office use. Gifting to your employees is become same like Gifting your Clients as they bring Business are loyal to their work and associates. To get the best price list gift catalog for employees in India, call us. We have a vast range of diwali gifts for office staff.

It serves as a great deed in honouring your fellowmen amongst the crowd or in personal either during work or yearly or during the festive occasion and Diwali is one such festival which is celebrated across and with full enthusiastic.

Universal band: With Employees who are dedicated to fitness routine gifts like the universal band will be naturally important and worthy to them, appreciating your care. This product rests comfortably on you even when you are running at good speed. Two perfect bottles holders are also provided with it of each 350 ml, Enough water to get you through a tough long run or sports or when sightseeing for hours at amusement parks, museums or other attractions. The central front part can hold the mobiles easily and the second smaller pocket can have the cash, keys, etc. comfortably. With Access Hole for Headphones Universal band keeps you entertained where you can perfectly fit in your mobile phone and listen to music, answer calls when connected to your smartphone and clear waterproof material PVC Window enables to access your phone. It allows you to change songs or answer the phone without the need to dig your phone out. The Universal band also includes Hydration pack to ease and keep you hydrated all day long, men and women runner’s belt are also included. Best for sports like Walking, Jogging, Running, Hiking, Cycling, Traveling, Gym, Yoga or when sightseeing.

Smart Band: Healthy life begins with smart band with heart rate sensor, detect real-time heart rate and gives you real-time data with decent monitors blood pressure, monitoring your sleep, calories and fatigue level. It is waterproof and dustproof, to meet the basic needs of outdoor sports. It gives you notifications for incoming calls, call rejection displaying the name or number on screen, message notification like text message, Facebook, WhatsApp and line displaying the message content, alarm. And perfect gift for the Senior Management who are part of the core team for the business growth, brand and loyalty.

Power bank: In today’s time it is just beyond imagination to do without charging the phone even during the day. It becomes equally effortless carrying power banks and not the wired cabled charger everywhere. The power bank enables to charge couple of times depending on the battery size.

The power bank come in various multifunctional features with dual charging port, 4 port Mobile charger stand is another great product. It allows 4 Smartphones to charge simultaneously without waiting in turn or in a case while you carry 2-3 phones for different use. Power bank is also a part of executive diary set, apart from this Power bank also comes with a torch serving several purpose of power bank and an emergency light.

Pen drive with Organizer – With an organizer, you can always have means to jot down the important points in the meetings, too many people rely on their laptops it’s always better to have a backup, along with an organizer it is also a pen drive. it will save you the trouble of trying to find your pen drive as it will always be with you on the organizer. It doesn’t just concentrate on the features but is also a classy organizer that is so much better than your regular notebook and absolutely suitable for a professional meeting.

In today’s marketing and campaigning world with your employees dealing with customers and clients it is essential they have the right tool and resources to keep the company name and brand.

With Video Brochure you can get it printed as per your needs, you could give out all your information on the brochure itself or just hint at what they can expect from the video brochure, both of these form a good combination that will assist you in  promoting your business, it has charging slot and comes with rechargeable batteries. It’s like a replacement to Pen drive and   projector as you can cannot carry your projector everywhere and anywhere you go.