The morning cuppa coffee is a must for many of us to get us going each morning. Your clients and business associates are no different. How wonderful it would be when they look at your company name or logo on their coffee mug first thing in the morning? Indeed, you can buy Coffee Mugs Printing in Mumbai by even putting the name of the person on the mug and gift it to establish great personal bonding with that person.

These coffee mugs continue to remain one of the most durable promotional items for companies to communicate their brand message. Along with caps, pen drives and t shirts, they are perennial favorites. Research indicates that more than 75% of users of such items are able to recollect at least 2-3 marketing messages of those companies that gifted them these items. Such brand retention from a cost perspective is great value for the buck spent. Recipients have also indicated they would like to receive more of such gifts that are of daily use and like the personalized touch to these gifts.

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