It would appear that when it comes to desktop corporate gifts, there are not many choices. After all, given space constraints on a typical corporate desk, there is not much you can place on it. However, some of the gifts that have been time tested such as a desktop planner with diary, promotional pens, wall calendars, a desk calendar, a pen stand, and a cute clock will always find their rightful place on the corporate desk.

The fundamental principle behind gifting is to thank and motivate the recipient to continue supporting you. It is therefore important to be innovative and think beyond the above options based on the personality, likes and dislikes of the recipients. Presenting the gift with a handwritten thank you note and best wishes reflect sincerity and can reinforce the bonding. The objective of brand positioning on the gift through a message or logo is equally significant. You would wish that the recipient is exposed to your company logo every time he looks at or uses the gift, wouldn’t you?

The presentation packaging is another aspect that needs careful attention. It should be attractive without being too much in the face.

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