In this New Year, there are many among us who may have resolved to get fitter and may have also committed to a regular exercise regimen. Earlier, it was not always possible to monitor the progress you are making when exercising. Today however, Android and iOS fitness apps that integrate with fitness bands enable the user to keep track of his progress on a daily basis. The fitness band with heart rate monitor can therefore make for an extremely useful and durable New Year gift.

This is essentially a wrist band. It displays time and also some essential exercise monitoring parameters like the steps taken during the day, the calories that have been burnt, the distance covered and also the heart rate during and post exercise. The data can be easily displayed on the smart phone through appropriate fitness app integration and can be the basis for any changes you would like to make in your fitness regimen. We are suppliers, traders, wholesalers and fitness band manufacturer in India.

They come in different types and are priced according to the features they provide. There are some that also give details of calories consumed along with sleep pattern data.

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