Now that you can carry your entertainment with you on your smart phone, why not make it more wholesome when it comes to audio quality? The audio output as well as volume of most of the smart phones leaves much to be desired. While they are good for individual listening through earphones, they are found wanting when you have to play audio and video files to a group. We are one of the leading corporate gifting companies in Mumbai.

This is where Bluetooth speakers come in handy. First of all, they are portable, render high quality audio and are loud enough for a small group to enjoy music and movies. The best aspect is that there are no irritating wires to deal with either as they use Bluetooth wireless technology. It is not surprising that they make for lovely gifts as most of us would welcome any gadget that helps us enjoy our media files better and in a convenient fashion.

They also come in interesting shapes and designs which make them all the more attractive. Get in touch with us to see a whole range of such Bluetooth speakers wholesale across different price points. We supply these and other brand Promotional gift Bluetooth Speakers for 2017 in Mumbai India