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Selfie Stick suppliers mumbaiGadgets are a part and parcel of travel these days. It is wonderful to find the best in selfie sticks which are now a must-have for everyday use and special occasions. Easy to use and perfect in grip, the stick is good for people who love to pose a picture of their own without any help. We are dealers importers of selfie stick in Mumbai and we have several types of sticks which you can choose from.

Using the selfie stick is quite easy as you can mount up your mobile on the same. Light weight and very user friendly the stick does not hamper when you are travelling. Engaging yourself in a casual pose or a serious one, the stick is wonderful when you want to take a group photo without anyone being left. In fact, the selfie sticks are very popular for regulars who go for parties and the ones who travel continuously. Managing the stick is so very easy as the angle can be projected till you get a perfect pose.


Usually a group photo leaves one person out; this can be easily avoided with the Selfie Stick Monopod. Dependable and adjustable in height, the price is also reasonable. We supply the affordable pieces. Looking through our select pieces, this is an awesome gift material that is usable for many years to come. You can browse through the selfie stick wholesale price in India and pick one that suits your budget.

The length of the stick can be positioned for better angle and an advantage is that it fits easily in your travel pack. Foldable sticks also fit well in your pocket. We are the distributor of Bluetooth Selfie Sticks in India which is the latest gadget that is used by several people who love photography.