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Sipper bottles for kids in India ( Preschool )




Sipper bottles India

Sports sipper water bottles are the latest craze in the world of corporate gifting.
These unique and useful gifts have gained popularity in India.
sipper bottles for kidsBesides preschool kids, these bottles are used in gym or by sportsmen to have energy drinks.
We have several promotional sipper water and also school sipper water which can be customised with branding or logo as desired.

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Stainless steel Sipper Water Bottles are safer as they do not corrode and do not require much cleaning.
Plastic sports sipper bottles are more popular in India as stylish, colorful and lighter in weight. It is essential to ensure these Plastic sipper bottles are made from high grade food material which can be easily cleaned if used regularly. We offer a vast range of custom sipper bottles for school children and sports or events – all at wholesale reasonable prices too. These can be customised with company messages, preschool names and logos etc.
Contact us for 200 Bottles and above.

BULK Supplier of Sipper bottles and Water bottles for kids, preschools, schools in India ( Not retail )