The world of entertainment is changing rapidly, thanks to continued advancements in technology. The smart phone has become the gadget of choice to most users when it comes to meeting their communication, entertainment and transactional needs. The introduction of virtual reality glasses or augmented reality has taken entertainment to the next level. Based in Mumbai India, We are importers, suppliers of good quality wholesale VR glasses, Virtual Reality Glasses, and 3D VR Headsets for 2017.

If you thought 3D imaging and movies were the ultimate in entertainment, hang on. Today, with a smart phone, a gadget called virtual reality glasses and an app, you can experience a variety of emotions depending on what you are viewing through them and feel that you are very much a part of what is happening in front of your eyes.

Just place your smart phone into a cardboard like holder and attach the same to your forehead to get into a world that is amazing. This is called mobile virtual reality and does not require any wiring since it uses the Bluetooth technology and processing power of the smart phone itself. There is also a tethered version wherein you use the processing power of your desktop or laptop. Needless to say, both make for wonderful gifts.

We can help you decide on the best models at prices that are affordable and within your budget.