XECH always believe in giving something innovative with the latest update gadgets. And seeing the market requirement they have XECH 2 in 1 Wireless Speaker plus Headphone allows you to use the AUX Port and switch off the Bluetooth for saving the battery of your smartphone and enjoying the music nonstop.

The best part of XECH 1 in 1 Wireless Speaker + Headphone is it is available in dual mode i.e. Wireless and Wired. The Wireless mode – Built in battery upto 5 hours along with talk time in a single charge. The Wired mode – Usage of headphone through provided audio cable, so no concerns of switch off /power off at any given time.

I used myself this product and found awesome speaker sound with excellent quality headphone which gives comfort in using and listening the music. With comfortable listening with soft cushioned ear pads and adjustable headband.

Battery life of 5 hours is well sufficient for the regular user along with 5 hours talk time with good frequency.

Design and Specification: This product of XECH is a 2 in 1 product offering speaker and headphone along with wireless and making life more convenient. The built in battery provides you up to 5 hours music and 5 hours of talk time in single charge. Bluetooth supports 4.2. Battery 450mAh.Frequency 90Hz-180Hz and dimension 17.5*12.5*19 cm.

Pros: You can use this Headphone 2 in 1 way when you feel like listening to music in full volume just flip or switch to enable the speakers. Isn’t it one of the great feature just at the touch of the button?

Another feature that I love the most is that it supports Aux and you can convert to wire handset. When the headset is in wired mode the headphones will never power off, so harassment of wires no more.

This wireless headset feature a neck band design, and foldable device that will help most of themusic lover to buy this product as affordable price and suits the pocket. The best feature of this gadget is the hinges are foldable they can easily slip into a bag or can be carried anywhere and everywhere. The slider headband allows you to find perfect fit and awesome durability.

Then why not look out for a product, with the price also gives you the comfort and elegance look.

With elegant design you can listen in style. Enjoy hours of comfortable listening and soft cushioned pads and adjustable headband and a user friendly device.

The music is of high quality with powerful bass. You can hands free answer and end the call without touching the phone so easy to use when you are in mid of some urgent work or mostly in kitchen when hands are occupied on cooking.

This product also supports TF Card, Aux, FM, Wireless and A2DP technology which supports in connecting Bluetooth device.

Supports all smartphones, PC and laptop

Conclusion: Overall this is a great product to use and user friendly. More comfortable fit and good sound quality.

Written by Minal Kumar

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