Enjoy the music at your comfort with XECH A4 Stereo Headphones one of the best quality and elegant audio and lasting rechargeable battery which will make you listen the music the entire day.

Once at time Stereo Headphones used to be expensive affairs and everyone used to not opt for purchasing but with upgrade in technology and many players available in the market the product has reached the niche market.

The wireless head phones features on neck band, secure fit and easy to switch over the phone and with adjustable head band. Rich in class and elegance look makes it a style for using this headphone.

Design and specification: XECH A4 Stereo Headphone is a wireless headphone. It uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR. Uses Battery Bluetooth 4.0 which is a rechargeable battery. Battery 200mAh of good capacity. Playtime of 4-5 hours. Power of 15mW*2 doubles the power. Operating distance of 10m it can operate effectively. This is a wireless Headphones having no wires connected, so no more plugging and free from entanglement of wires.

Pros: A4 Stereo Headphone offers a rich audio and battery is rechargeable lasting for a good time. Switching to an incoming call is easy with voice prompts and intuitive controls.

The headband is adjustable and fits the right size for a perfect fit. You can also connect wirelessly with AUX cable in the phone with your favourite music.

I personally like the headphones with premium rubber finish and softer cushions and enjoy your music with comfort also takes phone calls from a smartphone. This is ideal for when engaged in activities like jogging, gym, and many more as it stays fit during workouts or any other task involved.

With a touch button on the right side of headphone helps you instantly connect the phone. Touch again to play, skip and make calls with this stereo headphones without touching your smartphone.

With a distance of 10m, it can effectively work smooth. You can enjoy listening to music with micro SD card or listen to FM if you are bored from the routine playlist.

Another best feature of this Headphone is A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) which means one device to another over a Bluetooth connection.

Although the feature, design and style of this head phone make the headset feel a lot more premium, the audio makes you feel this is budget wireless head phone Cons: A4 Stereo Headphones uses old technology of Bluetooth 4.0 however the same helps in conserving battery and saving energy, so you can use the for more time and less worry of battery getting used frequently.  Therefore checking of the compatibility is important with the device you wish to prefer.

With it specific design, features and functions of XECH A4 Stereo Headphone and reasonable price I am assuming you are going to be using during workout. Overall this is a smart and elegant product.


Written by Minal Kumar

Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.