XECH A7 Voice Assist Neckband is a neckband with voice assistant feature. It has everything that one desires and wishes for compatible with Mobile, Laptop and tablet. It’s one of the best product in the market that I have purchased, used and liked it.

It’s worth the price and it can be used for 12-18 hours and that is much more sufficient for any person with such a good battery built in.

My strong recommendation is for the people who are athletic freak as it is water resistant as having IPX4, as they can remain fit and be enjoying the music while on the move as along with this you can take or receive your calls.

It is a unique piece comprising of voice assist with a wearable product around your neck and easy to use. It gives a stylish look and anyone would love to have it but ideal for those who are always on move, doing research, sales, marketing, customers, etc. basically for those who are always on calls.

Worth the price and unique design with elegant look and having more power and not only that but also having good standby time.

Design & Specifications:  It has a standby time of up to 500 hours and talks time of 12-18 hours. There is a design on the back which holds the wire on the neck. This neckband is made to assist you in a variety of work. It is compatible with Google assistant in case of Android and Siri in case of iPhone. The colour is black.

It operates with V4.2 Bluetooth technology that assists connecting and compatible with the smartphones. It’s very light in weight and portable to carry. Fits perfectly well. It’s a wireless product designed to stay hassle free and with only with what is required.  The battery used for this product is A7 Voice Assist Neckband is 240mAh. The charge time is taken by XECH A7 Voice assist Neckband is 1.5-2 hours. The charging wire requires micro USB to keep itself fully charged.

Pros: This A7 is an excellent product of today’s time which is a worth it product meant for all. Today’s generation demands high-end products. XECH A7 perfectly fits into it. With complete innovation and automation. This is a wireless that takes away the stress of your wires and gives you the perfect feel of wireless. Another best part what I really like and appreciate this product is for its waterproof mark. It’s designed to use in all seasons and all situations and occasions.

It has its rating for IPX4. Even if water touches or splash remain stress-free and continue using your product to the best. You can use this product while you at work, home or workouts. While you are enjoying your active sports lifestyle be it the cycling, jogging and running or cardio and gym enjoy your music or talk with your all-new voice assist neckband or ask or inform to schedule your appointments synchronised with your phone via Bluetooth.

Start your conversation with Siri and google assistant support. You can ask about climate or to set alarm or any other question or instruction you intend to give to your XECH A7 with the voice assist feature enabled.

Another best feature of this product is Magnetic earbuds, with the help of magnetic earbuds your earbuds are well in place and secured. When not in use you can keep them together with the magnetic material they shall stay intact and not be misplaced separately or otherwise.

Easy access to playback and volume control function makes this product worth using as its user-friendly and meant for all ages right from the teenagers to the adulthood. The Voice assist feature of XECH A7 coaches you to get real results in no time. It’s faster than ever considered. A small product can do wonders with its frame of technology it’s built in.

You can call anyone from your contact list, assist you to book a cab, assist you for weather information to keep you safe. Not only this but it can play music and talk as well without touching a single button on the phone.

The best feature of this product is two different devices can connect to XECH A7 voice assist neckband as per requirement and need. It is 250% faster and 10X more capacity.

Cons: No cons.

Overall this is an excellent product with worth its value at the affordable price and brilliant features. Just start using this XECH A7 Voice Assist Neckband and initiate your relation with its voice assist feature to make your day to day task every day more fun and giving you more space and time to spend time with family and friends and invest time in other activities.

It’s a rich and elegant design with premium features and powerful.




Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.

Written by Minal Kumar

Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.