A8 is an excellent product equipped with voice assist headphone compatible with Siri and google assistance. The Voice assist headphone is a cherry on the cake to the headphone. I personally like this phone due to several reasons as listed below.

I strongly recommend as there is no distraction while interacting with other person and what else do you want when you are in important discussion with client, channel partner, employees or near and dear ones.

Just by giving instructions it plays your favourite music with good sound quality with crystal clear sound with flawless and premium finish.

The design and Specification: It has an over-ear design with passive noise cancellation. It supports Bluetooth 4.2 version with charge time 2 hours using the rechargeable lithium ion battery of 3.7V. A8 XECH Voice assists Headphone can work for a play time of about 6 hours. In order to charge the voice assist headphone, it needs a micro USB.

Likes/ Pros: The voice assists headphone can do a major task of mine and anyone and everyone in general. It’s just the best wireless headphone with voice assist feature. It answers/ tells me about the weather forecast, my appointments and schedules, it takes care of me and my schedule an appointment. It’s the best over the ear headphone with noise cancellation feature.

It perfectly fits on to my ears. When I feel like playing some music it plays my favourite music on instruction. Just say play xyz music, it shall search your playlist and play it instantly in few seconds. It’s like your best friend. It does everything for you. It’s a best compatible partner found just perfect for you.

Another best feature I like about this product is it has passive noise cancellation which means it eliminates the outside sound and lets you hear only what you wish to. This Noise cancellation feature is good for oneself as it keeps me away from stress and lets me concentrate on the voice I wish too. Staying in a crowded city, you can be sure to get crisp clear loud audio.

It provides with the best quality sound taking you a different world altogether. This function is best compatible with Siri and googles assistance. Using this function you can speak with headset microphone to operate Android and iOS smartphone.It uses the google assistance voice command via microphone to connect you to the best of requirement and provide or update you with more than sufficient knowledge.

I just love the premium rubber finish of this product as it has a nice and soft feel in comparison to many other brands of the same product. As this gives comfort while holding the headphones over the ear. The premium quality of rubber finish on the headphones make sure they give an excellent sound quality and doesn’t impact your ear making you used to listen to the loud sound. With Bluetooth 4.2 technology it instantly connects to the smartphone, laptop or tablet. It uses lithium ion battery rechargeable of 3.7V which last long and its available at affordable cost Using lithium-ion battery are very safe for your gadgets.

They last for a good period of time. It takes only charging time of 2 hours to operate the XECH A8 Voice assist headphone. This headphone can work at a stretch for a play time of 6 hours which is sufficient time to use the headphone without constantly exposing your ears to the headphone constantly.

Various colours are available for today’s youth and many in colours like Grey, White, Pink along with a carrying case. In order to charge the Wireless A8 Voice assist headphone, it needs a micro USB cable it reduces the hassle of charging with other wires and cables that occupies space.

It’s a technology worth using and exploring it.

Various colours are available for today’s youth and many in colours like Grey, White, Pink along with a carrying case.

Dislikes/Cons: No dislike towards this product giving a prominent feel for holding a product.  

Verdict: It’s a technology worth using and exploring it. The best wireless A8 Voice assists headphones with noise cancellation feature and google assistance.




Written by Minal Kumar

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