Card holder with power bank becomes a great saviour when in need and more over no one can come to know about the card you can carrying with you.

XECH Business Card Holder with Power Bank 5000mAh is designed to use power bank for high purpose in which the battery usage is more which is required for business class and corporates especially designed or the ones who are tech freak.

This Cardholder Power bank 5000mAh is made up of premium quality of Steel and PU leather combination. The battery used is Li-Polymer is a hybrid battery and they are larger and has more capacity. The dimension of the cardholder power bank is 60*40*33 cm. It weighs 375 gms. Very light in weight and easy to carry wherever you go. It is like palm fit pocket size and occupying less space and more comfortable.

The input and output is same i.e. 5V/1A. It comes in 2 colours and in very much demand. A good power bank also holds charge for a long amount of time and also 5V has a capacity of charging much more faster compared to 2V, so the quality used is a superior and elegant.

Pros: You can use your phone while you keep it to charge. It’s a beautiful design when the material is felt it is sturdy and elegant.

It can carry your 10-12 debit/credit cards and visiting cards. Turns out to be a saviour when in need.

As most of the power bank are compatible with all smartphones and tablets but this being with premium quality I would always recommend this as other companies products also I have used. Flawless indicator display of charging level.

Very convenient for travelling and carrying while going out especially useful for person who is always on move with his style of work and passionate about travel.

As the weight of the Power bank is less than an half a kilo and very small dimension and even smaller than your phone, it can easily fits perfectly in one’s palm and slips easily in one’s pocket and most convenient to use.  It is a perfect travel companion.

Slim and light in weight.

Cons: Colour wise it is available only in 2 colour while rest I feel is superb and excellent.

One of the best product that I prefer to use and would love recommending if any would like to buy.



Written by Minal Kumar

Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.