XECH Flame Atmosphere Wireless Speaker is a LED Atmosphere Speaker Lamp. It’s just perfect for an occasion suited the best. Irrespective of the occasion this shall suit at each and every place for social gatherings either at home, garden or near the pool or when you are all by yourself cosying at home. I personally like this product too much. It’s just perfect and sets your mood. It’s also an ideal gift for your family and friends any given point of time because of it’s all that you want. It not only charms you by your looks but will entertain you as well.

Design and Specification: It works on Bluetooth version 4.2 and can work at a distance of 10m. It has a speaker output of 5W and rechargeable battery of 1800mAh. Also, it allows you to have a playtime of up to 5 hours. The rechargeable battery is a built-in battery. With simple and elegant design it swept me off my feet with not only its looks but its working as well.

It has this grill like structure on the outer enclosing the flame effect light inside and has a button on the top for the flame effect. While its control functions are at the bottom with a power on/off button which is a single button and can be pressed once accordingly as per on or off. Volume increase and decrease button and brightness button. It has a cylindrical look like a lamp which is portable and can be carried anywhere and everywhere. With charging time of about 4 hrs its ready, set and to glow and show. The weight of this product is 340 gms which are less than a kilo.

Good: What I really like about this product is its Wireless Bluetooth speaker, a Bluetooth speaker with the wireless technology. It allows you to play the music you want while it shall mesmerize you with the flame effect.

The Bluetooth version is 4.2 which helps the device to connect instantly to the device or your smartphone instantly, it completely synchronises well. Also if the Flame Atmosphere speaker when kept at a distance of 10m from the gadget it can still work well and smoothly. With speaker output of 5W, it gives an excellent sound output. The 5W will mesmerize you with the quality sound it throws. With a rechargeable battery of 1800mAh, this is an extraordinary a positive point.

A battery which is a built-in battery that too rechargeable and having a high capacity of 1800mAh giving superpower. It has a play time of 5 hours which is quite a good amount of time for which the music can be played at a stretch. The sound quality is crisp, clear with a nice smooth base on the surface of the flame wireless speaker. You can play, pause, skip next use the control functions. Any party you keep or any party you attend 5 hours is a good duration for which music is played and enjoyed. It is extremely an amazing product worth buying.

The main and best features of all are the below why I have loved this product to the core, every penny is worth it.

TWS Technology: With TWS Technology you connect the XECH Flame Atmosphere Wireless Speaker to two devices it shall give you double the sound and much more liking in that ambience it shall just set your mood. To give powerful, impactful and excellent sound.

IPX3: Wherever you carry this product either beside a swimming pool or a beach even if a splash of waterfalls on this product. Stay assured that it shall work fine, Yes it’s an assurance as I have myself personally tried this well and it works definitely well. The slight splash of water or sprinkle on the speaker or wet hands will not affect your speakers or the function.

Flame Effect: Yes the flame effect of this product itself has the name Flame Atmosphere wireless speaker, the flame effect actually gives you the feel of real dancing flames in its bright LED lights however these flames are not the real flames, it is the effect of LED lights. Hence it’s pet safe and overall in front of children or anyone else. The flames are not open they are enclosed and surrounded completely with a push at the button it switches the gorgeous realistic look of the flame.

The wireless speaker can be used individually also irrespective of the flame effect. The LED Lights are soothing to the vision and they are completely safe. It’s more of an eye protection to the vision. In order to play the music, it has a micro SD Card slot which lets you play instantly your favourite music. It’s compatible with all gadgets like your smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer.

Bad: No bad features or dislikes, Overall this product is an excellent product and strongly recommended as it gives a style look for small get together and gives a cosy feeling with the kind of flame design and look.



Written by Minal Kumar

Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.