There is lot’s to look into the fundamentals of the bold as earbuds – design which should be light and easier to use and not too bulky.

The best way to describe the XECH K2 Earpods is “earbuds”, although some people call them “headphones” or ” earbuds” too. But there is no cable that runs between them. No wire to connect them. The two buds talk to each other via Bluetooth.

This style of earbuds/ headphones has its advantages, but also its disadvantages. When you buy these you’ll get the 2 earbuds themselves, a charging “base”, a pair of over-the-ear ear hooks. You also get a very short USB charging cable and an instruction booklet.

After I purchased K2 Earbuds I have listed the pros and cons below:

Design and Specifications: XECH K2 Earpod is the smallest and virtually invisible Bluetooth headphone that can be used for both phone calls and listening to music from paired mobile device.

It the latest Bluetooth low energy 4.2 version which allows you to connect much faster and very reliable to use. The Version uses 4.1/4.2 version. It’s a very tiny, stylish yet powerful Bluetooth headphone that allows you to enjoy music while accepting calls with the inbuilt mic.

It uses the ABS material. Each battery of the phone is 50mAh with charge time 2hours.

The Standby time is 60-70 hours for talk time and play time on a single charge. The weight of the earbuds is 5.0g *2 and the size of the earbuds is 2.8*2.0*2.8 cm. However, the charging base uses a battery of 450mAh with a dimension of the base 8.0*6.0*3.0cm. The calling time 4Hrs and music play time 2.5Hrs.

Controlling functions is on the earbuds which have play/pause, skip and volume button.

Pros: It is very comfortable wearing these headphones. They are not themselves connected to any wire nor as a whole. The design is fit and secure to the ears. The K2 Earpods comes with a size and shape fit as per the earbuds for comfortable adjustment.

It is quick compatible with any smartphone or tablet or laptop and very easy to use.

Another best feature I like is the 2 Bluetooth devices can be connected simultaneously and there is a LED indicator also included which shows the charging status of the K2 Earpods.

With two Bluetooth connections situation like K2 can connect to music on one device, and take incoming calls from a second device in case you have two smartphones.

With the inbuilt mic, it is only used for calling and ending calls but can also listen to music which is my favourite for this product. Awesome sound quality and all day comfort, making your life to be more productive.

The main advantage of this earbuds is once you use them and put them in ears you shall not feel that anything is a part of your ears. They are very secure, easy to use and light in weight.

Another best thing what I liked is that this is best for people especially with sports active lifestyle example while you are weight training or jogging this helps as you are involved in any other work while you may not be able to pick up the phone. This fits perfectly in the ear and then no worry and you can carry you activity without any hassle.

They compete to your lifestyle so much that they are ultra-comfortable and classy style and compatible with any Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet. So easy to charge with less amount of time i.e. within 2 hours fully can be charged.

Excellent sound quality, less than 2 hours battery charging time is very decent.

Cons: Only cons I can state is that the Bluetooth version is of previous 4.1/4.2 however compatible. But always check the compatibility with your smartphone before buying. However, the positive point of Bluetooth version is it uses low energy. Thereby saving energy.

Overall this is an excellent product worth using for anyone who is having an active lifestyle or any corporate or anyone having a hectic lifestyle and wishes for luxury.



Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.

Written by Minal Kumar

Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.