XECH Mousepad with Wireless Charger is designed to give an impactful performance with its dual design and specification. I myself have used this device and is perfectly fit for corporate and work from home use where you may just forget plugging in additional wires to charge the phone keeping work and other appointments in mind. Looking at the design and specifications it is built with hard PU Leather Mousepad /Mat which also supports wireless mobile charger.

It provides an output of 5V/IA output and input of 5V/1.5A. The Mobile phone can be charged with at a distance of 5mm on the mousepad. The battery is built of Lithium polymer while the entire weight of the mousepad is 299 grams and dimension is 12.99*8.07*0.62 inches. The mousepad design is designed as a thin and elegant mousepad with thickness 5mm.

The size of XECH Mousepad with Wireless Charger is Length (27cm), Width (19cm) and thickness (0.5cm).

It’s a great mousepad though, as far as mousepad go’s and more convenient to use just busy with work keep your mobile on the pad and no need to search for another charger. Wireless charging removes the hassle of re-fuelling your device.

Charging made (sort of) simple and that’s fine, because you are buying XECH Mousepad with Wireless Charger. Namely it promises wireless charging without the need of wires. Does it deliver – Yes as the product name suggests, then why worry.

Performance:  Whereas the performance is concerned regarding the wireless charger with the mousepad it serves to be an excellent material and base to charge the mobile phone. The best part of the mousepad is you just need to keep the phone over the mousepad.

It has surprising weight to it, very light just 299 grams as if it is built to be thrown around and can be used anywhere and anytime.

Helps in reducing the additional space occupied by the phone to charge. Considers using the mousepad as the base as it’s built with PU Leather and battery of Lithium Polymer. Also no hassle of any wire or cable connection for the phone to plug in.

Nonslip flannelette base keeps mouse pad firmly in place. It works best with a device equipped with a Built-in Qi-compatible receiver. 4 receivers included for a non-Qi-compatible receiver. (micro inverted, Type c, micro and lightning cable).

There is one interesting side effect from the user of Qi standard, which is of course that you can charge your phone from the same hotspot. Choose your receiver according to your device and  ease out with your wireless charging.

The efficiency promises to be greater than 73%, considering the least efficiency at 73%. With Battery giving an output of 5W it gives an extraordinary performance to charge the phone.

You can charge your phone isn’t that a big enough thing at any given time. Combined mouse pad and wireless charging function makes it simple to use, just place your phone directly onto the wireless charging pad and there goes the charging, so no need to worry about plugging through another adapter and searching for points.

Cons: The battery is average in comparison to other batteries available in the market. Example: Lithium-ion batteries are better than Lithium polymer battery they have high energy density and cost less.

Also, the distance of 5mm is too less for the phone to charge on the mousepad it could consider supporting distance more.

Verdict: Overall this is an excellent device in comparison to many others while it is affordable as well. Also it saves you from hassle of wires and cable. Overall rating 4.5 out of 5.



Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.

Written by Minal Kumar

Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.