Everybody loves a mike and speaker. XECH Q7 Karaoke Mike is equipped with powerful speakers bringing sound effect for singing and music playing. I personally feel this is an excellent product as it is beautifully designed and it overview’s the cons. It is more useful than thought.

This product is especially designed for the one who love singing and wants to try on their own and get that feeling of a singer. Choosing a Karaoke speaker plus mike and that too with a powerful speaker is a daunting task and especially when you are wanting to come up in life and know your singing capability.

What I like the most is adjustable echo length effect can make that environment with immersive enjoyment and USB port allows to MP3 and play with music at it’s best as if it is wireless and built-in speakers makes a great combination to enjoy music at its fullest.

Classy package with Microphone, USB charging cable, Audio recording cable, storage case, user manual makes life easy for the one who is passionate for singing to start singing at any given point of time with its own instrument in hand.

Moreover you can enjoy much more by instantly creating your own Karoke fun anywhere you like as it comes with battery backup of up to 4-5 hours of singing with 1200mAh battery which is very much sufficient for small gatherings like kitty party, birthday bash, picnic, etc.

It is very user friendly and easy to use device and very light in weight with small case to carry. Perfect gift for the music, party lovers, events, with great sound and quality. At the tip of the mike are all buttons which are easy to adjust at any given time without the notice of anyone.

Design and Specifications: The mike is elegant and looks beautiful it has its functions like treble, Bass, volume, echo and music on one of the side on the box like thing on the mike. It has its play, forward button and on/off button. The battery is of 1200mAh having more capacity and power and works for a battery for up to 4-5 hours of play time. The output power is 3W*2, twice the 3W i.e 6W which is so powerful and excellent output. Frequency range is 100HZ-10KHZ and ?115dB 1KHZ. The size of the mike is 210+70mm. Bluetooth mode can be used as a speaker. Package includes a microphone, USB charging cable, audio recording cable, storage user and user manual.

Pros: It is equipped with powerful speakers, bringing sound effect for music and singing playing. The design is excellent and very elegant. Very comfortable and the built-in quality is very premium. The control functions allow you to freely play the music to pause, forward and rewind. The echo length can be adjusted and can bring super surround.

Another feature is USB port with the help of USB it can turn into a magic piece of MP3 and play. This device is featured as wireless and with a USB port. It allows you to connect wirelessly or using the audio cable/ USB with your smartphones like iPhone, Android phone and computer. The built-in speakers allow for greater possibility and convenience.

The clarity of the audio bass is clear and powerful that allows you to make and enjoy listening and singing anytime and anywhere. Whether it is karaoke or any small gathering or function.

The ability to handle the technical parameters in such a small mic is excellent and what was not thought of. In fact, it’s surprising to see such a powerful mic and its usage in such a small look, it’s like mighty power in small packaging. A Karaoke Speaker with mic usually is different for different phones however the same can be connected to all at a different time accordingly. Some are wired and wireless, however, this supports both or else it’s a hectic thing and difficult to choose and stick on one product, however, this supports both.

Sometimes Karaoke mic and systems suffer from a lack of compatibility, however, this supports both.

Cons: Sometimes the Q7 Karaoke Speaker + mic doesn’t connect via Bluetooth or phone. Therefore the audio and USB cable come to rescue. However, this is not a major issue but issues with some of the applications and gadgets do face these difficulties, therefore, it is best to always check before buying.

A lack of compatibility can either make a product either frustrating or impossible to use with certain devices however the XECH Q7 Karaoke speaker + mic supports compatibility and it is quick to connect. Not only this but also the speakers are of high quality which is another feature seen by many.

Believe it I have definitely made a great choice to invest in these effective karaoke mics along with speakers. The audio quality needs to be prioritized. This Karaoke system is not as casual as some of the other systems. It helps with the experience in mixing music. Overall this is an excellent product a mix of everything. Suitable for all occasions and gatherings.



Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.

Written by Minal Kumar

Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.