Highly compact and light in weight with magnificent battery power 10000mAh XECH Super Slim Power bank Digital Display leaves you impressed. Yes, you heard it right, I was also surprised with so many varied features all in one when I purchased this product.

This product is known for its rich and elegant design look with its high-quality material used to build a sturdy look. It’s highly compact and light in weight. The size of this power bank is as much as your average size of the smartphone. With its premium finish, it has a digital indicator displaying the time and battery status. Also, it is convenient for anyone to understand with its flashlight indicator if the charging is in progress, paused or completed. It’s very easy to use the power bank.

Compatible device worth the price and most affordable and class finish gives a retro look and style. The best part is it is controlled with one single on /off button, so it becomes easy to use and anyone can use at any given point of time.

As the name suggest it is super slim and can easily fit in your palm and skip in your back pack not taking any additional space and easy to carry. No need to worry about knowing the charging level as Digital indicator let us know the position of charging as it flashes out.

This device is so light and super slim and handy which is an essential for all those frequent travellers and can be customised with companies’ logo into it and can be gifted to anyone like employees, clients, etc.

Pros: What I really like about this product is it is highly efficient for charging multiple devices or useful to charge many devices. Not only this but also two devices can be charged together at the same time. Example if you own 2 phones and a laptop you can charge either of the two at the same time and later the next it’s still going to supply full power at a speedy time. It is very effective and speedy charging is possible with high capacity of battery 10000mAh and having dual ports.

Very slim in weight and effective to carry while travelling to places far off. The power bank is controlled with a single on/off button. Also, it has a digital display which is easily understood by many displaying the time and battery status. Its flashlight indicator on the power bank makes it worth noticing about the battery level in order to avoid overheating or overcharging the phone.

With 10000mAh you can charge the phone or any other gadget multiple times. A10,000mAh capacity can charge a gadget thrice at least depending on the battery capacity and requirement. Size and shape of the power bank are compact and light in weight which looks elegant. Also, the capacity of the XECH Super Slim power bank Digital display power bank is highly worth it.

With the display feature, it makes its worth noticing. With the digital display and 10,000mAh super slim power bank can be carried even when you are going out for a long journey, overnight trips keeping your phone always charged at the most time of requirement.

Depending on the type of gadget and the capacity of battery held accordingly a couple of times XECH Super Slim Power Bank Digital Display comes handy and of most use. It gives a great guarantee.

Cons: Not very much of cons available however on precautionary basis take care from the water.

Verdict: Portable and affordable power bank completely suiting your needs and enriching your lifestyle with excellent performance. Keeping your smartphone, laptop and tablet all time charged wherever you are.

Looking at the look and feel durability, design, portability, capacity and charging speed and value it’s worth it and really impressing. It’s a complete win-win situation at the time of buying and using this product. Not all products have all the components well included and well placed like this has everything in one place.

Written by Minal Kumar

Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.