Charging of smartphone has become elementary and faster due to availability of wireless charger that are reliable and user friendly and convenient to use. XECH which always offer a unique blend of gadgets and believe in something elegant and style, XECH Ultimate Wireless Charging Kit is purely meant for wireless experience to charge your smartphone wirelessly. The ultimate wireless charging kit is truly an extraordinary and classy product.

It is an ultimate solution for your high end smart phone where battery is a concern and with the amount of usage. As the product is made up of ABS material. Having an input of 5V/2A and output of 5V/1.5A, the battery is highly efficient with 5W power. A distance of 3-8 mm it can operate effectively. Its slim, compact, and stylish design.


The wireless charging kit is designed for Qi and Non Qi charging capacity as well. i.e. If your phone supports Qi charging absolutely no need to worry just place your phone over the charging kit and it is ready to charge.

I personally recommend this as my smartphone doesn’t supports Qi charging. What next? No need to worry the wireless charging kit also supports Non Qi receiver. ((Micro, Micro Inverted, Type-C, I phone) with the help of these receiver based as per your smartphone.

This is one of the excellent wireless charger that I highly recommend the charger has built-in magnet technology, making it easier for the phone to connect with any Qi wireless phone. And isn’t it great it also supports non Qi receiver.

Just put Receiver into the mobile phone charging interface and then affixed to the back of the phone folded flat stable. Cover phone case, the installation is complete. You can now keep your smartphone on the wireless charging kit like I followed. It’s simply amazing and great. It gives a charging efficiency of greater than 75%.

Another great part of this product is it is equipped with an LED indicator, it turns red when plugged in, and alternates blue and red while charging.

The charging kit has a slip resistance body which does not let the phone fall off from the kit. It is mini slim and compatible, so handy and elegant to suit your style. It’s an ideal device for travelling with a simple sleek design and unique texture and light in weight and easy to carry whenever you are on move. It fits perfectly on to one’s palm and supports all wireless charging devices.

The gadget supports micro USB Cable to charge itself which is a great thing as this cable will help the charging kit to charge itself faster which helps your smartphone to charge quickly at great pace.

As time is changing and wireless chargers are one of the best solution where no more of plugging and nuisance of looking out for the adapter and fear of battery getting drain.

You don’t need to worry about the positioning too, whether you want it horizontal or vertical. Any convenient manner whether in mid of some important task just to be kept on the surface and as soon as it gets the signal it starts, so need to plug or unplug.

Wireless charging removes the hassle of re-fuelling your devices. By using electro-magnetic to transfer the power from a transmitter to a receiver application, it charges your device without a physical connection.

XECH Ultimate WirelessCharging kit is very reliable, safe, versatile and user friendly charger that will assure you of high quality of service.


On using this product I have personally not felt any cons to this product.

Overall this is an excellent product for all smartphones.  

Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.

Written by Minal Kumar

Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.