XECH Wireless Charger Bluetooth Mobile is low to zero in radiation. It’s a device which has a powerful Bluetooth connectivity serving wirelessly charging to the handset and Bluetooth mobile for the same. This is a unique classic piece which is an intelligent 2 in 1 device.

A good wireless charger Bluetooth mobile always lets you take your music on the go, but the best allow for easy carrying and durable with user friendly and easy to carry while on move.

What is most important in this device is low to zero radiation which is very good on health basis has it is safe to use device without wires and with a standby time of 200 hours which is very much sufficient for the person whose usage is very high with less charging time.

Design and Specification: The XECH Wireless Charger Bluetooth mobile comes in a set of the dock and a handset. It has a dock of size 2.75*6.69*1.69 inches and handset size of 1.81*6.88*0.79 inches. While the Bluetooth supported is V4.2 and frequency range 2.4GHz. The Sensitivity of the receiver is less than 80dbm and effective range to work for this device is within 10m in open space.

With battery capacity 180mAh it charges your phone a couple of times during the day. To charge the dock and handset the device is set with a USB port to charge the same with a USB cable. The passing of charging current is 130mA and 8.5ma is the greatest working current and standby current 20ua is the greatest. The transmission power is class 2. It has this soft Charger pad along with a mobile holder. The look of the handset is tall, black and broad while tapering lower giving a narrow sleek look. There is a Call on and off and volume button on the handset. The colour of this device is black and it comes with a user manual.

Good: With low to zero radiation the XECH Wireless charger Bluetooth mobile has a high safety to use the wireless charger Bluetooth mobile. It has a wireless charger so no hassle of wires. It charges the mobile effortlessly. The Bluetooth device is V4.2 has a powerful connectivity that quickly connects the headset. The best part about this product is it’s a portable device and easy to use for anyone and everyone meant for all ages and easy convenience.

With battery capacity 180mAh it can powerfully charge the device ample no of times as per the requirement. Once charged completely it works for a greater amount of time and doesn’t lead to battery drain. The wireless charging is equivalent to the wired or cable cord. The charging time of the handset is 2 hours and the standby time (pairing state) is up to 200 hours.

The Bluetooth transmission is smooth. With powerful Bluetooth connectivity, it offers high-quality calls. Calls which are clear, crystal and of high quality for the receiver and microphone.

And order to connect your phone to the wireless handset you need to search the Bluetooth device from your phone once connected you can make receive high-quality calls and disconnect it well from the handset itself. The ultimate dream of a living room entertainment system with no cords.

Another best feature what I like about this product is the less almost to zero radiation. This less radiation provides safety all time and a green signal for the phone’s high maintenance and ears and there is no hunting for the charger required or fumbling for plugs even in a dark room in case you can just put your phone on the Wireless charger pad.

Bad: No specific cons available, it’s a simple and elegant product giving the best output. Overall this product is 4.5 on 5

Verdict: It’s a simple and elegant product giving the best output. Overall this product is 4.5 on 5. It’s a worth buying this product which has low radiation giving the green signal very safe and reliable product having utility including wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker.

Written by Minal Kumar

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