XECH Wireless Charger Pen Stand is an innovative product meant for today’s generation and otherwise. Power banks and Wireless chargers have become a necessity in today’s time and lifestyle. It’s easy to use and operate. This product includes a charger to charge the handset wireless equipped with Pen stand.

XECH always believe in giving something innovative and one among their product is Wireless Charger Pen Stand. As so much travel and taking so many accessories sometimes becomes very difficult, so what I liked is sleek, light weight and palm fit, so no more bulky space required.

Along with being user friendly, this device is very classy and comfortable to use and save’s your device from getting damaged due to anti-slip or slip resistance body.

Design and Specification: It’s a sleek and stylish product, very light in weight and portable, this is one of the best and convenient feature. It’s a user-friendly device. The design of the wireless charger pen stand is fantastic and extremely well built and sturdy. The wireless charging has an input of 5V/2A and output of 5V/1A DC9V/1.2A max., rated frequency 110-205kHz. Charging distance of this product is within 2-10mm and efficiency to charge the phone greater than or equal to 73%. With cable length wire 4.92ft/1.50m it has an interface of 1 micro USB port.

Good: Wireless Charging in today’s time saves you from the hassle of entangling wires and cables. The sophisticated look of this product is awesome and the quick charging is something to be appreciated dedicatedly meant to charge. It has its fast charging capabilities and provides an organized desk space to keep the handy writing instruments in place. It focuses on productivity providing benefit.

Another best part of this product is the anti-slip or slip resistance body. It keeps the phone well in place and intact, doesn’t lets the phone fall.

Also, the Wireless charger pen stand supports Qi and Non-Qi receivers. Before buying this product i was convinced with its features that this is the perfect product for my Non-Qi phone to charge wirelessly. Taking wireless experience to a different level with this Non Qi mode enabled mode. With the help of iPhone, lighting and Type C cable Non-Qi mode of phone charges quickly. It’s just a matter of attaching the above receivers, so your time and money are saved from buying two different chargers for them also it saves you from the hassle of wires.

Another great thing what I like is while I am not using my phone I end up keeping it in a position beside me or else at the time of charging I have to find the plug points free in-house and find for the wire and keep it to charge. But with XECH Wireless Charger Pen Stand helps me and turns to be a saviour for me. This wireless charger supports horizontally and vertically method of charging the phone which is a unique way of just placing it. This is because the Wireless Charger Pen stand supports 2 coils charging. Example while I am working and have a hectic schedule which lets me have no time even to find a charger and charge my phone this wireless handset came handy just pick and place the concept of charging.

Even when the phone is placed to charge you can use your phone to view audios or videos. The charging wireless concept completely is amazing that lets you use your phone freely. Just take a back seat and enjoy watching or listening to your favourite audios and videos.

Another feature with this is the pen stand on the wireless device is compact and great. It free’s your desk space and keeps your writing instruments well in place and handy. You can definitely keep 10-12 pens at the same time.

Bad: This is definitely the best product I’ve ever come across which fulfils and lives up to my expectation.

Verdict: Verdict:It’s a sleek and elegant product giving the best output. Overall this product is 5 on 5 and bounce for this product. It’s a worth buying the price without any regrets.




Written by Minal Kumar

Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.