The XECH Wooden Wireless Speaker is my personal favourite product as it is compatible with all devices so there is no hassle of compatibility with smartphone, tablet and laptops. It’s beautifully structured design dedicated to carrying anywhere you go to carry along. It’s a great travel companion.

What I like the most is it has in-built microphone which allows you to accept or reject the calls and with great sound quality for which you would fall in love to have frequent get together at home as it also connects to Smart TV.

Elegance finishing touch of the wood with excellent texture makes you feel good factor as it gives a classy look to present the client with embossing and increasing the brand.

What you look out for a product today is everything under one roof to help you in every manner and this is such product with powerful battery, excellent sound, good connectivity, stylish look, optimizing sound and can be played for 6 hours which is very much sufficient for small gathering.

Design/Specification: Nicely wooden finish to the plastic body with dot texture where sound drivers are placed. Having a battery power of 500mAh and speaker of 3W and Bluetooth 3.0 that can be operated within 10m The XECH Wooden Wireless Speaker has a port for the device which can be chargedusing the micro USB at the time of using the speaker as well.

Likes/pros: This product has surprisingly best sound and premium look which is a feel for perfect product. It connects to various modes to listen to music like micro USB, micro SD Card (TF), Bluetooth, Aux, and FM wherein you can tune to your favourite music. With battery power 500mAh this, the product has a magnificent capacity and speaker of 3W giving powerful sound and making it more impactful. This supports Bluetooth 3.0 and can be operated within 10m of distance smoothly. A complete portable product can be carried anywhere and everywhere.

Another best feature is it has inbuilt microphone which enables answering, rejecting and ending the call. The calls are placed swiftly with clear voice. One of the best hands free device and wireless speaker with a microphone I have come across.

This is the best feature till date heard about this product and experienced it, this not only connects to your normal gadgets but also Smart TV with single click pairing it with Bluetooth which makes you feel special owning a luxurious product. Connecting your wooden wireless speaker not only to your gadgets but also to your Smart TV makes this XECH Wooden Wireless speaker unique.

It optimizes on the noise and sound level as well. Built with high efficiency and great sound with subwoofer of low frequency makes it a very powerful and rich quality device. Surprising many people with its powerful and clear sound quality.

It has a play time of up to 6 hours which is sufficient at a stretch with a rechargeable battery used for this XECH Wooden Wireless speaker. A small product surprising everyone with its powerful sound quality and bass feature. Very light in weight and easy to carry and user-friendly to operate. Can be used by anyone and everyone keeping its utility and functions in place.

This product checks on safety as well as it comes with high resistance in high temperature giving the product a long life and stability along with durability worth buying it. Very cost effective and affordable at a very reasonable price making it worth it for a long time.

Dislikes/Cons: Use the old version of Bluetooth not the latest therefore essential to check on the Bluetooth compatibility in your handset or the device to be paired with. Apart from that precaution is necessary from moist and water.

Verdict: Overall this is an excellent product one can consider and should consider at the time of buying a speaker worth the investment which carries so many features under one roof. The sound quality is impressive what one looks for at the time of buying in a small package.




Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.

Written by Minal Kumar

Minal Kumar is a Tech Expert who Believes life is beautiful and expresses herself through reviews and her writing skills. Tech Enthusiast and good learner with Amazing writing skills.